i now have 5 lbs. of bees wax that i have refined 2 times. the first i just hand dipped out the crud. and let sit over night making 2 cakes about 1" thick. the 2nt thim i put them back in the pot to melt. brought it to a small boil then lowered the heat for about 5 min. i then used a corse strainer with chees cloth under it and poured some in to 3 plastic paint buckets sitting in water so it would not melt thr little paint buckets 2 1/2 qt size. as they started cooling it looked like i had 3 colors of wax. it turned out that the 1st bucket got mosley wax, the 2nd a little less, and the 3rd mostley dirty water. i now want to refine ( clean ) it some more.

can i melt it with out using water in the pot? i want to pour it in to 1/2 lbs. blocks and not have water under them.

new question. i have some cut out comb from 2 jobs and some old comb on old frames that i want to melt. it is all dark and black . will i be able to cook it up slow and strain 2-3 times and get it yellow or maybe light brown?