Set up a 5 frame box on a nice sized hive in a large cedar tree, these bees were fairly mean you can't approach the hive without getting a few mad ones, and allot of mad ones if your messing with them even with smoke.

Tried the trap out without a funnel at first. did not get very many bees to staying in the box.
Then added a frame of brood, got more bees but not even enough to cover all the brood.

Was on my way back to add a funnel and the hive has absconded one a few bees coming and going (could be robbers)

This is the 3 time that feral mean bees absconded, the others were a cutout and a swarm trap both had brood/bees left which I used to make new hives. The hot weather may have had a part in two of the 3 that absconded.