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    ya i ordered bee weaver queens my first year and they had deformed wing virus and foul was my first year of bee keeping i had no other bees before.i raise Russian x Carolinian's now and a 2 feral hives and new world Carolinian's. i have not treated in 4 winters now all natural comb.
    They tend to have more AFB susceptibility.

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    Here are a few details you may find helpful.

    I had only one Bweaver queen, and most people know that judging one is not an accurate or fair example.
    But this queen and her hive had some definite traits.
    I bought her as a first year beekeeper and had absolutely no problems with her or the hive. They were my best producing hive and were one of only three hives I overwintered here in the Northwest that did it all on their own without help from me.
    The bees are naturally smallish, great if you are interested in regressed bees and small cell comb.
    Are they hot? No more than many of my other hives. But I have gentler hives for sure.
    If they are stressed for any reason..low on stores, queenless, etc..they do act differently..some may describe as hot.
    When I open most hives, I may get two or three..maybe up to 8 bees on my gloves. The weaver hive I will have 30. Or 50. Not stingy, but like synchronized swimmers...everyone does the exact same thing at the same time. You don't want to move fast, bump the frames or jar anything or they will create a great roaring sound. My other hives are not like that at all..they are gathering the troops for sure. Could be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but as a beginner I was fine with it. Just surprised.
    They had no problems with the yellow jacket assault last fall that killed off several of my hives and nucs. I have never treated them for mites. Never needed to. Queen was a great layer.
    I did not graft from her as I have heard the second generation IS hot when crossed with Italians and such.
    When you consider the robust, productive and over wintering abilities of the BeeWeaver stock, I would put up with those 'hot' tendencies in a second.

    If you are having high winter losses, a person might give them a try in the North. Funny, since they are from Texas! I would hate to be a bear or predator and get into the Weaver hive. All my digging in their business has not ticked them off much. LOL but I would hate to see them with their hackles up in a bad way. Probably teach that critter not to get into hives though!
    I did not want to try to overwinter the 2011 queen for a second year and sold her as a breeder queen for a pretty decent price.
    I found Laura at beeweaver to have great customer service. But as I said, it was only one queen.
    Hope this helps!
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