I've been having a lot of trouble with my hive. First, I had a failing queen which then turned into laying workers and that was a nightmare. NOW, 10 days later after introducing my new queen and dumping the laying workers (shes alive and seems healthy), I inspect the hive and it has the most god awful smell I have ever encountered in my life. The hive numbers are very weak and it seems as though they are not removing the dead bees. I barely have any brood at all. The queen may have started laying but there is no capped brood yet. I did the tooth pick test to check for AFB and that doesn't seem to be the case (maybe its EFB?). The entire hive smells like rotting meat. I just can't figure out what it is. I'm pretty sure its not the honey because when I poked around in some cells with dead brood I smelled the contents and thats where the source of stench is most likely coming from. I am so confused and just drained at the constant problems I've been having lately.

Anyone have any ideas or seen something like this before?