sneaky bear, sometime between 3 and 5:30 mid afternoon, like 99 degrees out, he should have been in the shade instead. My area has occasional bear sightings and figured I would have to prepare for it in the future, it just came earlier than i thought, colony was in two box hive and was filling the top box, it was a swarm i caught may 1st, they have been slow to take off but i never fed them a thing and was letting them do their thing. top box carried into the woods twenty yards, found some empty bars, broken brood comb and three pretty full bars , heavy and a bit messed up, cleaned as much leaves and junk off them and placed them back in box as best i could. i was surprised they held together. a few chunks were salvaged from the ground for me. ground sticky and several small groups of bees. before i recovered the box from the woods i saw many bees at another hive entrance, i thought maybe it was the busted up hives bees trying to get in another hive, so i reset the bottom box over a bunch of bees on bottom and went to recover the top box, when i came back just a few minutes later all that ruckus at the other hive was over and there was a lot of buzzing in the bottom box. Do you suppose they reoccupied as soon as i set it up ? I spent the next two hours setting up electric fence, it was good to have all the supplies on hand, I will have to read more on bear fencing, I know it will return.

what should i look for as far as the colony is concerned, if its got a queen yet or not?

i guess i join the bush from brainerd in bear trouble category.