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    I have a new hive, things seem to be going well, except I noticed the girls bring out dead larva out of the hive, I've seen 5 or six dead larva in the past couple of days, I am new, is this normal to have this occur.
    In Indiana, we are in a severe drought, and heat wave, temps well over 100 F.
    At night temps go down to the low 70's. I'm feeding the hive with a bottom feeder, and their drinking 2 quarts a day!
    Otherwise, things are doing well!

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    I have had a couple of days that it got so cold the bees did not forage. ON those days I also noticed that they woudl bring a few Pupa our of the hive. Not always dead ones either. I posted about it here but the only answer i got was they may do this when they are stressed. This might also be hygienic behavior and they are removing brood they consider "Unclean". I have not yet heard anything that would cause me to worry though.
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