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    Default need help yellowjackets invading?

    it's extremly hot and we are having drought conditions, as many places are, as i am a first yr keep really don't know what i'm doing sometimes? i had 5 hives but this wkend did short inspection, lot of action at one hive, it was being robbed and was almost empty of honey, bees, pollen, and looked like war zone. i had just installed a new queen 2 wks ago, they were queenless, any way got discussed pulled a few frames of empty drawn comb and let them have the rest but now i have like a thousand yellow jackets around my other hives trying to rob or kill my other bees. what should i do? help please?

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    Default Re: need help yellowjackets invading?

    Screen all entrances for 24 hour. Duct tape any cracks, etc.

    No bees get out. No wasps get in.

    If it is extremely hot, use a division board feeder or bottle top feeder with water.

    After 24 hours, the wasps lose interest. Open reduced entrances then. Or better yet, make a robber screen for the entrance. Michael Bush has descriptions of robber screens. Also good info on robbing, which applies to wasps as well.

    Yellowjackets and robbing by bees becomes a shark-like feeding frenzy very fast. Stop it immediately.


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