The last two times i grafted the queens have emerged early. the first time time only a day or so. This time this is how it went... I grafted very young larvae a week ago yesterday. today i went to move the cells into mating nucs and 2 of them had emerged. It should be day twelve since egg laid. I am reasonably sure that the larvae i grafted were indeed 24 hours or less old. very small, just in white jelly stage. by everything i have read, i should not have had emergence at this stage. Our temps have been 102, 105, 107, 105, for the last 4 days, is this the issue? Or am i missing something? I am still working on the jzsbzs cup still having royal jelly when emerging. They seem to be empty, but the queens i am producing are large and fat. and they once mated lay well! I am looking for consistency.