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    Default Bees are dangerous and carry highly toxic venom

    For some reason the wording of this website bothers me... Yes, they do mention that they are 'beneficial' insects, but still.
    I suppose it's not inaccurate - some folks are deadly allergic and Africanized strains can be very aggresive.

    To whit: I had a pissed off bee follow me into the shop today. Would NOT leave me alone. Finally I decided to quit shooing it away (I suppose I was frozen with panic) and just sat there while the bee settled on my arm and began to LICK me.

    They are dangerous I tell ya!!!

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    Default Re: Bees are dangerous and carry highly toxic venom

    That website looks like it is poorly translated from some other language. It's like the instructions on a cheap Chinese toy.

    "Death may arise" Bad movie title.

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    Default Re: Bees are dangerous and carry highly toxic venom

    Bees that zig-zag in front of you and pester you are after sweat for the salt, I presume. Happened to me many times last year.

    If you can, just let them land and fill up, best way to get them to go away. Only problem is when you manage to squeeze them, when they will sting you even if you are being nice and letting them fill up on sweat.



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