So I supered my Warre. At first the work was slow. I gave them a comb as a ladder. They fully drew that out then began work on a second. They had an empty at the bottom and I wonder if they were drawing that because I checked on them and that top box was just full of bees. I wondered if they had built out comb as there were so many bees that I could not see from the top. So I tried looking from the bottom and realized that all of these bees were chaining! A clump fell and moved into the lower box. So I closed things up and moved on. The first two combs have been straight along the comb guides. So it seems to be doing well. I plan on taking a quick look today to see what is going on in the top and bottom box. They have been doing a bit of bearding so I wonder if that bottom box is full. If it is, I will have to add a 6th box.