So a Warre at one of my out apiaries (50 minute drive) swarmed. I started them from a chop and crop from a Lang nuc this May. I was there at the beginning of June and they had filled out a box. They had two empty Lang combs under. They had not touched those. The flow was just about to start so I supered the box with the empty combs and made sure they still had a nadired box. Well upon inspection on Saturday I saw tons and tons of queen cells. All capped. The population was still good. Both boxes were full. I assume that they had already swarmed as there was a good amount of capped cells. I could see plenty of capped worker cells, but no eggs/larvae. Either way they swarmed instead of moving into the third nadired box.

I guess my mistake was assume that bees would move down. This is my second year running Warres and I have never...ever been able to get a Warre to move down without assistance. Each time they have moved down there has been a comb placed there.

So what's the deal? Has it been ingrained into bees now that they are supered and refuse to move down? I'm starting to jump onto the false floor bandwagon.

From now on I will just have to make sure that they have a comb placed where I want them to expand into, whether it's up or down.