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    Default todays egg laying swarm

    caught a swarm yesterday... put it in a 5 frame nuc and took it home... sealed up and a feeder added..

    today i put a 10 frame deep, an excluder, and then another deep... opened up the nuc and found a frame of eggs already.. transferred all to top deep... added frame of open brood and a frame of sealed nectar...... put lid on.. found queen wandering around outside on the top of the lid...

    put her back in.. put top on.. she can't get out cause of the excluder... so cross fingers..

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    Default Re: todays egg laying swarm

    I've had several swarms that I've hived and for some reason, the queen doesn't get it and wanders around under the bottom board or on the top cover. I always have to find them inside the little clump of bees that have accumulated and put them back in. It's like they're saying "You're not telling me what to do"!


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