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    Default Need ideals on removing a tree swarm

    Okay friends, I need some help. I have a swarm that moved into an old cedar tree trunk. The crevice that they moved into is about two inches wide and about thirty inches long. Itís too narrow and deep to vacuum the bees out. I took a roofing boot and placed it against the tree, then wrapped the rest of the trunk with celafain/pallet stretch wrap to force the bees to enter and exit at a single point. Next, I took a cardboard NUC and drilled a two-inch hole in the back and connect the NUC and roofing boot with a pipe. Now, the bees have to pass in and out through the NUC. My ideal was to restrict airflow where the bee would be unable to regulate the temperature deep in the tree, and move into the NUC. Even in 105-degree heat the bees have not budged. They did take a frameís worth of honey that I placed in the NUC as an enticement. My wrap is not tight enough to fill the tree with water, so my question is if there is a chemical that will force the queen off the nest without hurting her?
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