When I was first starting out in beekeeping, I did not have the money to invest in a honey extractor. I did not want to do crush and strain so I spent less then $50.00 dollars and built one out of a new, never used before plastic can, also called a garbage can. I got some bearings from the local Ace Hardware and built a spool out of wood and aluminum. The wood was sealed with multiple coats of poly. The garbage can has hand holes at the bottom and at the top that support the bearings mounted in oak cross pieces. This is important to keep them up out of the honey. I used a battery operated reversible drill to spin out the frames. It would hold four frames. The frames sat in a recessed cutout in the bottom and the top of the frame was secured using a very small c-clamp. I used a router to cut the bottom piece in a circle and to rout out the recesses for the frames. I bent a piece of alum bar around the circle for the top section.

I used it for 3 years and never broke a frame and it worked very well. Later on I was able to buy a stainless steel extractor. The link is to pictures of the extractor. Let me know if you have any questions.