According to my notes, I checked a shallow 10 frame honey super on my best hive on the 14th of June. It was brand new and only had foundation in it at the time. I checked them again on the 27th and what do you know, I have 10 frames drawn out and 8 frames of capped lightly tinted honey.
Everything blooming that I noticed happened about a month early. Including the sourwoods...Heck they were blooming in early May, and played out in about a week.

The only thing that I can see that are blooming are some wild flowers and a ton of Sumac trees. The bees are all over the Sumacs around here. And I guess I can say I really have a ton of them on my place, and they are a ton more in surrounding farms. I really never heard of Sumac honey and not even sure if that is what it is...But they are still bringing it in ad I will add another super to see if they will draw it out too.

Dearth? Ain't not stinkin' Dearth!