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Thread: Always a swarm?

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    Question Always a swarm?

    Is a cluster of bees on a branch near the hive always a swarm? It's a really small group, and I'm pretty sure no primary swarm has issued from this hive. I did see them in front of the hive, in a gradually increasing dis-organized group, but they never turned into the major cloud of bees that I usually associate with a swarm. Within about 10 minutes of getting started they had settled on the branch. The cluster is about 20 feet from the hive. Could it ever be from bees accompanying the queen on a mating flight? Any other possibilities? Thanks for your help, all of you!

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    Default Re: Always a swarm?

    It could easily very weak secondary swarm, be where a swarm hung previously that's creating curiousity, or it could be what's remaining of a swarm that left some foragers and "realtors" behind when they left. Whatever it is I'd bank bottom dollar it's at the very least related to a swarm.
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