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    Question How does "Fermented" Honey look?

    So i found 11 quart jars in my garage probably 5-10 years old. I really have no idea. All of it is dark and crystallized, some have lots of bubbles, some looks layered, and some look like whitish web/ grains of rice??? How do i know whats good?

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    Default Re: How does "Fermented" Honey look?

    Fermented honey will not harm you. It just tastes nasty. See how it tastes. Fermented usually has bubbles, but I would think those would have stopped years ago. The "grains of rice" are probably large crystals.
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    Default Re: How does "Fermented" Honey look?

    The stuff with bubbles on top might be fermenting. When honey crystallizes the honey remaining on top has a higher moisture content making it able to ferment. We just had about 50 bottles go bad that way.
    When extracted the moisture content was very low about 16%. When we re-liquified ours there was some brown stuff on top that might have been the yeast culture.
    If you know anyone making mead they might like to have it.


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