it was finally warm enough 70, and calm enough to risk keeping the hive open; I only open a 2 bar width.

Everything looks pretty good I can see all the empty used brood cells which is most of the hive.

approx 12 bars with full combs 1st bar empty send bar started.

OK I forgot to look for the queen, but I know she is there

some of The brood combs require 1/4" spacers on the rear long ago I noticed it started to get to fat for the 1-3/8ths spacers and now at the very front it started to get to wide and go off a bit, so I turned the little comb that was going off more around and put a spacer betweeen it and the full comb off; i did this in the rear long a go and it worked.

All in all I am very happy considering the install from hell. i am still amazed at how gently they put up with me without smoke or and protective gear.