This was my third year trying to obtain a swarm. We moved to a new town in January, and I promptly got the word out that I was keeping bees.

Before swarm season began, I had posters up at all the major businesses, my name on the swarm list, my business card with the local sheriff, fire department, and dispatch center. I wrote an article about beekeeping for the local newspaper, and had an ad in the same paper. I also spread the word each time I did class presentations. I placed five swarm traps along the major country road through town with a great lure recipe from a guy who's caught 30 swarms this season. Two of those traps were hives full of comb, on people's property who wanted bees. I thought with the calm winter, this would be the year I would find success. I drive my stretch of highway 4-12 times every day, and always scan the trees and fences for any sign of swarm activity.


Honestly, what more could I have done? I'm quite depressed over the situation. I was counting on catching at least two swarms this season, as my "bee budget" did not permit the purchase of more than one package this year. AARRGH!