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    Default Re: Candy in queen cages

    And Thank yous to Jdawdy for FatBeeMan's video and to Ozzy for . I've been using honey and powdered sugar with a little Honey-B-Healthy for queen banking, but now I can ship them, too! I make 4-hole cages with one end hole filled with candy and the opposite end filled with comb with bee bread pollen in it. They don't eat much, but they do eat some. I just consider it insurance for the queens while banking.

    Also, I made some queen bank cages too large and the queens inside those cages died from flying excessively in one place. Despite claims of queens staying in queen jail for 60 days and still being ok, mine are good for about ten days before they must be mated.

    Dr. Susan Cobey wrote an excellent article about the Cloake board method of queen rearing and queen banking. It should help me get better results. I recommend reading it and will post it soon. Thanks again everyone for all the help!
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