I have two hives. North hive swarmed about 6-7 weeks ago and apparently the replacement queen was not well received. When I checked on the hive yesterday there were about 8-10 supercedure cells on one frame.
South hive has been doing well all spring and summer, but when I checked on it yesterday, I found no eggs, no larva, and no queen cells. Not sure what happened, but I'm more than a little concerned.
So here's my question. Can I cut out a couple supercedure cells from the north hive and attach them to a frame in the south hive? That would leave the north hive with their original frame, minus a couple holes where some queen cells were.
I have no experience with queen rearing. I'm guessing this isn't kosher, but would like to know if its doable.
Thanks in advance,
Oregon, IL

I suppose the follow up question is whether its too late into the summer to fool with this and I should just try to find someone who would sell me a mated queen.