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    Default Re: PH120 foundation

    Hi Barry, looking forward to see photos. What made you mount the bottom flange into the bottom bar? Bees usually start drawing out from the top to the bottom if I observed right.
    Cheers Henning
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    Default Re: PF-120 foundation

    Got a chance to measure some of the PF120 combs today. These are from my neighbor's hive. She started beekeeping this year and doing very well at that!

    10 cells each at 4.9mm equals 1-15/16". Looks like the Cali bees started on the PF120's got pretty darn close to being spot on.

    Here's a typical frame of finished comb. I'm very impressed with the results and will start converting my own hives over to the plastic foundation fitted into my wooden frames. Tried a few of the plastic PF120 frames and didn't like the results. Prying near the end of the top bar flexes the whole plastic top bar.
    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: PF-120 foundation

    I cut out sections of PF-105 with a bandsaw for the handmade frames in my box hive project. The results have been great. I like the way everything stands out against the black!


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