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    Default Which end up?

    I'm thinking of raising a queen next year and am watching YouTube and reading various methods. Whether the beek extracts a plug of cells and places it in a JZBZ cup, or if the beek scoops out the larva and puts it in a wax cup (or a JZBZ cup) the picture shows this being done open end up. The next photo invariably shows a sealed queen cell, pointy end down. So, how did it transition from open end up to closed end down? I"m thinking I can't immediately turn it open end down, 'cause the larva will simply slide out. Could someone clarify please? - Mike

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    It doesn't slide out. The little bit of royal jelly that you get along with the larva sticks it to the bottom of the cup.
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    It's upside down when you are grafting so you don't have to stand on your head. It goes in hive with the mouth pointing down. This is how all queen cells are done by the bees as well. They point down.
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    You'll figure it out, especially with all these great and knowledgeable folks here at Beesource. I say that truthfully and with respect, not sarcastically.


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