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    Default Best sugar to use for roll?

    I have checked a few powdered sugar brands and they all have cornstarch in them. Domino does, all the store brands I've checked do too. I tried to make my own on two separate occasions, once with a food processor and once with a blender...neither (I thought) were powdery enough to be reliable. I am currently using a store brand that has cornstarch in it.

    Does anybody know of a brand that does not have cornstarch?
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    Default Re: Best sugar to use for roll?

    Here's one without cornstarch:

    However, IMHO the amount of cornstarch in regular powdered sugar is not going to be a problem for doing sugar rolls. For one, you are not using it as feed. Second, if they do eat some powdered sugar, at this time of year bees are able to fly to poop.
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    Default Re: Best sugar to use for roll?

    Take some regular cane/white sugar and put it in the blender/food processor for a few minutes. You'll have powdered sugar w/o the starch.

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    Default Re: Best sugar to use for roll?

    The corn starch is not an issue when doing a sugar roll. In fact plain corn starch will work just as well. Or flour. Starch is only a problem if you are feeding it to the bees.
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