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    Default Bees not working hubam

    In May the Hubam Clover I planted started growing like crazy, it started blooming two or three weeks ago, and now most of it is tall enough to almost reach my shoulders, and I'm 6'4". After worrying that it wasn't growing like it should, everything looks great, except for the fact that the bees aren't working it. At most I've seen two or three honey bees on it. I've seen other bugs on it at different times, but not the honey bees. It has been very dry here this year and it is only getting worse. Has anyone else every had this experience? I thought sweet clover was pretty much a sure bet.

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    Default Re: Bees not working hubam

    Probably due to the dry conditions. Blooms do not always equal nectar. We went through a similar period here with very little rainfall for about 6-8 weeks. Made for testy bees and I would rarely see one on nearby (large) patches of clover. Two weeks ago we finally got +2" rain and within three days the girls were much nicer - and working the clover tremendously.

    The clover is beginning to wilt again and hot, dry conditions are forecast again for the next week. Looks like it may be a long summer...

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Bees not working hubam

    Its getting dry in OK also but the bees are so thick in the Hubam it makes you think twice before walking in it. If your clover is still looking bright green it probably has enough water to produce nectar remember its roots go way down. They didn't jump on mine right off but when they did its hard to believe how many of them are working even in 100+ degree weather. Has your field started wafting a sweet flowery smell yet?


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