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    Default Regarding Smoking-less is better

    In that thread "Smoking-less is better"; what do you think about in these situations where we are aggressivly "destroying" their hive to make them into new one? I noticed that smoke does push them back, but heck I need to chill them out to even find Mrs. Queen to put her into her new home.

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    Default Re: Regarding Smoking-less is better

    I think a lot of it is personal preference. I never bother with my smoker unless I start getting stung. Cut the comb out carefully & put it into frames. Its amazing what some bees will put up with & still remain relatively calm. Others aren't so calm and those I smoke as needed.

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    Default Re: Regarding Smoking-less is better

    If you are refering to a removal/cutout, I worked on one yesterday, the first one in ages, and I was impressed by how unnecassary the smoker was, until we needed to try to get some bees from behind a board. Then it came in handy. But, otherwise, they didn't act like bees in my hives. I wonder why not?
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