The traditional hive in Maine uses two deeps for a brood chamber and shallows as honey supers.

Where I am the flow is such that I'm very happy if the bees fill a shallow for me. When I'm not experimenting I run good bees - I saw a picture of a close relation of my bees today with six supers on. So if the nectar is there, I'm confident I've the bees to collect it.

What I'm not so confident about is my ability to deal with deeps full of winter stores say, five years from now. So if I want to transition to using three mediums for a brood chamber, what is the best way to go about it? As much as the notion of 8 frame equipment is interesting, I do not want to replace all my bottom boards and covers. I've equipment for about 45 hives.

I hear about people cutting down frames - is that so they can save drawn comb? Cutting down deep boxes seems fairly straight forward - and I've already got the table saw. Getting all those medium frames drawn out is what scares me most. I'll probably continue using shallows as honey supers if only because th investment in getting them drawn out is so large.

What think the great minds of the board?