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    Default Adding a queen to a new split?

    After making a split with frames from one colony, a day later I wish to add a queen from another. Should I insert the queen in a cage with a candy plug, or perhaps just sneak her in on the side on a frame of her own brood, and otherwise leave her unprotected? Something else?



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    Default Re: Adding a queen to a new split?

    I would say either way would work
    I feel if she was on her own brood comb
    all the other bees already know they are queen-less and would not have
    a problem with her,In a perfect world they would accept her with open arms

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    Default Re: Adding a queen to a new split?

    There are a gazillion "proven" ways to successfully introduce queens. My best experience has been to hang the queen cage candy side up with screen exposed to the bees on a brood frame and give the bees 3 days to release her. If not released after 3 days, I manually release her. Take a look at for Michael Bush's thoughts on queen introduction. His methods are much different than mine and they work for him.
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    Default Re: Adding a queen to a new split?

    Before introducing the queen make sure to go through it's new hive with a fine toothed comb and destroy any emergency cells they may have started overnight.
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