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    Default When is the ideal time to do a split?

    I'm in central Indiana, and I have one two-month-old new hive that is already 2/3 of the way full, i.e., they're going gangbusters. I have four hives all four feet apart, but only the two on each end have bees in them, and they cannot be moved; they're fixed in place. Would it work if I were to split the hive by moving every other comb into the empty hive next to it, one for you, one for me, one for you, one for... ad nauseum?
    If I don't do a split, is there a chance that they will fill the hive and then swarm?

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    Default Re: When is the ideal time to do a split?

    na you good most of time when a swarm happen is when spring come around, as you get closer to the fall you numbers of bees will go down too , if you want to make a split you will need to get a queen ( buy one ) or make your bees make one, there lots of info on how to do that on you tube and on the forum,but if you have africanized bees like i do then you have to worry about them swarming anytime, good luck

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    Default Re: When is the ideal time to do a split?

    The best advice in beekeeping I've ever received is how to keep the brood nest open to prevent swarming. Swarm control measures by Michael Bush and Oliver Frank have resulted in a good honey crop so far for me this year with no swarming.

    Bush has good info on how to do splits too.


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