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    Default Business in woodenware?

    Amateur woodworker with 3 HP table saw, planer and 1400 BF of Hemlock lumber. I am thinking about getting my toe in the water of making boxes for local beeks. I have been seeing that the local bee store &*() and some guys about an hour south (advertising on CL) are advertising boxes for $20 assembled. Wood is stickered and air dried under my cheap moisture meters ability. I am thinking the further I take the product to complete the higher the price / demand.
    Problem is when the boxes are needed is in early spring when everybody gets into the bee game or expands. How many do I test the water with? I think the woodenware game is going the same as hitting the flow, all or none.
    If I can get Metro recycled paint for $9/gal and ‘certified recycled with mold inhibitors’ for $10/gal do I prime and paint them? Prime only?
    If I have $8 in material into them (clear), $9 primed and $10 painted (white) what do I jump into the market at?
    Craigslist? Go to the Bee store and work with them? I was approached last year by a new bee store looking for all loacal sourced woodenware and it got me thinking. Now I cannot shut my brain off.
    How do I establish my business plan?
    Maybe this should be in Marketing?
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    Default Re: Business in woodenware?

    If you make good quality boxes, I'd probably pay $10 a box or so for commercial grade/ Beeline is selling them for that in Rochester, a couple hours north of you.

    I don't think you'd have much trouble selling them at $12-15 to hobbyists directly.

    I am going to be in PDX next month, hoping to relocate. I'm a PNW native, a former resident of Portland.
    If you have a little time I'd enjoy meeting you at a coffee shop or McMinnamen's to talk a bout bees and business plan. I've been self employed for much of my life.
    I've been building a bee related business that might dovetail into your marketing plan well.

    Msg me if you'd like to.

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    Default Re: Business in woodenware?

    $12 to $15 would be good for a painted with High Grade Paint. You could offer non assembled for $10 non painted.


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