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    Default It's not easy, but I'm having fun anyway

    Back in from my 3rd try at grafting. Friday, I guess I got the larvae too old (but they were so easy to see) and none of ten took. Regrafted all ten yesterday. Both hives are just feisty mad. The one queen less and egg less, self explanatory. The one I need to take an 8 frame med off that is my shoulder height and honey heavy, not fun. They are normally easy going, but I think they are sick of me disturbing them as the nectar flow slows and the heat ramps. So, today I check and I have 2 of ten. So, I'm back at it again. This hive with their 2 queen cells, not so bad. The other with eggs, grr. After two attempts for find larvae the right age in the top box (they were too angry), I give up and go to my nuc with a new queen and get some of her larvae. I don't even know how she lays, but I'm too busy all week for another try, so it's today or bust. All went well, used my super strong bifocals and a magnifier and found those tiny hatchlings. I did 6 into unprimed plastic cups (didn't want to harm the 2 good ones). It's over 100 outside and I was just about done and needed to hoist that heavy deep back on top and got stung thru my gloves on both hands. Ouch! There, I'm done grumbling. Let's just hope it was worth it. I'll know at the weekend how many nucs to get ready (only wanting 4 or 5, really, plus 1 for the hive raising them).

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    Default Re: It's not easy, but I'm having fun anyway

    well if that don't work, I am a cpl hours from you but have quite a few spares.


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