I posted this on my local craigslist today.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post it here, either:

Looking to start local NATURAL beekeeping group (Lakeland/Polk County, FL)


I have been trying to find like-minded bee keepers (or bee guardians) in the Polk County area who share common views regarding
how bees should be treated - or NOT treated - for that matter. I have had no luck in finding such a group.

I am interested in forming (or helping to form) a group of minimalist bee keepers/bee guardians who have similar beliefs
as such trailblazers as Michael Bush, Corwin Bell, Dee Lusby, Phil Chandler, Kirk Anderson and many others.

There is a group in Los Angeles called 'Backwards Beekeepers' formed by Kirk Anderson of which I would consider the perfect
model to go by. http://www.backwardsbeekeepers.com/

If you are also interested in forming such a group which puts the bees first instead of perpetuating the outdated, large, commercial operations, then please contact me
and let's see if we can find more than 3 people in Polk County who also share similar beliefs.

I heard it put very well in a video I watched recently regarding 'urban bee keeping' of which a wise lady said the following:

"Instead of one bee keeper having 200,000 hives, we should shoot for 200,000 people having one hive."

Here are some inspiring videos and audio regarding this philosophy:

"America's only urban beekeeping store on rescuing honeybees"


"Urban Beekeeping | Subculture Club - featuring Kirk Anderson of Backward Bee Keepers"

"Short audio piece of Corwin Bell being interviewed concerning Bee Guardianship"