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    Default Shelf life of BT?

    I bought a bag of BT Aizawai a couple of years ago and had it stored in the basement. Today a found one of my hives overrun with wax moths so I mixed some up and sprayed the frames. If the BT was in my basement for a couple of years is it still good? How long does the stuff last? Isn't it made of spores that have to germinate?

    I also found a bag of BT kurstaki in my garage. This strain is supposed to be effective against moths and caterpillars. I know we are suppose to use Aizawai, but can kurstaki be used instead?
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    Default Re: Shelf life of BT?

    I don't know the shelf life is, but it only lasted for 3 years and what happened to you, happened to me. Now I buy new every 2 years. Cant comment on the other strain, but I would not trust it. Your source for the ProVap 110
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    Default Re: Shelf life of BT?

    If you have the Xantari brand of Bt v. aizawai, read this thread for info on decoding the "Lot Number" on each bag to a human readable date.

    Note that there has been outdated Bt v. aizawai sold in the marketplace.
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