On Friday I did my second graft ever. Acceptance was 60% which is quite an improvement from my first.

A few things I am learning.....

I tried a few different grafting tools (JZBZ etc.) and kept going back to the Chinese Tool. I am starting to really get the hang of using it.

Don't try to graft off new comb. I already knew this but it was such a pretty frame with tons of larva the right sized I had to try it. Never again.

I used a stronger light and it made all the difference.

The queenless cell builder was packed with bees this time to the point of overflowing. The gap created in the morning e-cell inspection and pollen frame insertion was completely filled with festooning bees when it came time to put the cell bar frame in. The frame just floated to the bottom.

They will be capped on Wednesday at which point I will check to make sure the cells are packed with royal jelly. First graft was not too impressive on RJ. Hoping for better.

I am getting the hang of this but am just experimenting with an eye on a bit more organized approach next year.

My 9 and 11 year old sons both helped and watched. They thought the bees emerging from the graft frame in the living room was "way cool!".

Too much fun!!