Thought I'd share something as I'm sure there is another first year who has to hear something three times, then try it before adopting it.
During class they mentioned keeping a log. I kept sort of a journal, but it wasn't until early June that I began some elemental notation about each bar. Simple table: 19-50% honey,20-new empty comb,21-feestooning. Didn't use my finding until today when I compared this weeks finding against last week. Today's results were: 19- full wax,nectar,honey, 20-large comb with nectar, 21- two small new combs, no nectar, 22- festooning.

So there are a couple of things to learn from comparing the tables. As much as folks say the nectar flow is over, my girls are finding some because it takes nectar to build new comb and there is nectar in the cells.

The second interesting bit is that if you look at the table of the complete hive, you can see where it changes from honey and brood to honey alone, thus defining the brood chamber.

Hth- mike