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    Default Keeping bees again, UP of Michigan

    Hello all, Not really a new beekeeper, but getting back into the hobby. Had about a dozen hives in the mid 90's and got out of it for various reasons. 2 years ago in July a swarm found my barn and I hived them. They didnt make it thru the winter. I was lazy and never put that hive back in the barn. This past summer another swarm found that hive and moved right in. I guess I was meant to have bees again. They wintered great last winter and I made a split from them this spring.
    Location here is the south central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Looking forward to learning lots from this group, and maybe being able to contribute.


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    Default Re: Keeping bees again, UP of Michigan

    Welcome Noel!

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    Thumbs Up Welcome Noel!

    I've just come back to the hobby myself, after a long hiatus. The biggest change since then is the wealth of knowledge available online.
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