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Thread: Colecting honey

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    How often do u colect the honey? How much (in frames) does a good hive need to have plenty for themselves in the winter? Can leave them there honey and just take a frame ever so often through out the year.

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    I guess if you really wanted you could steal a frame once in awhile. In my climate Northeaster Ohio it is recommended to have two deeps for the bees to winter on.

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    Oneup...I feel my first and biggest mistake as a beginner was robbing the super of their late spring stores. It was MY first taste of MY honey. I wound up losing the hive the following early spring. This past fall, I left them everything ( one deep + one medium ). They were booming early and came out with stores to spare. I think you could pull a frame if you are sure they are ok, but be aware summer or fall dearth could set them back - or worse.


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