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    Default Bees avoiding part of hive

    I have two deeps full of foundation however 3 frames in both deeps will not be drawn out by the bees. I left the next super off as to encourage them to build to that side and they started forming swarm cells so I put the hey super on, how can I get them to fill those frames it's on the north side of the hive, I tried manipulating them by putting drawn frames where the empty ones are and it worlds they build the frames in another place but then avoid the 3 frames on that side any help is appreciated, thanks!

    Ok here's more details it's wax wired foundation, there are 2 deeps both with 3 frames indrawn on the same side, when I tried to let them build out they made swarm cells which is why I kept adding boxes currently 2 deeps and 1 medium I put on today. They are Italian 10 frame equipment solid bottom board, also at the entrance when you see the bees they all stay on the side that they are living in they don't bother with the others.moderate honey flow, strong pop. In first box medium amount of bees in the second deep. Lots of brood only two frames of capped honey and honey ring around all brood except in the center all brood. Lots of eggs capped brood and uncapped throughout the hive, let me know if you need more details thank you!
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