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    Post My first swarmtrap

    Hey there!
    I am trying to catch a swarm to start beekeeping, but i have almost no budget. So this is my first documented swarmtrap construction:

    First of course, and it is not pictured here, i got me a hive, some wooden frames and some beeswax foundations.
    As i am using the German standard frames (Deutsch Normalmass DNM), i looked for a container, that could hold frames (a colony on frames is easier to transfer into the hive).
    I found this awesome fitting cardbord box:

    So i started cutting two strips of wood, so that they could be used to mount the frames onto:

    I marked inside the box where they would go best, glued and clamped them into place:

    Like this, they are holding the frames:

    I cut out a second floor out of cardboard, and glued it to reinforce the bottom:

    Then i cut a foldable entrance hole into the front, that is big enough for a queen to enter and small enough to be easily defended:

    I sprinkled a little lemon grass oil into it, and filled it half with frames, which have only starter strips of foundation in them. Should give the bees an impression of a big hollow:

    The box measures 40cm x 24cm x 29cm = 27840 cubic centimeters, or 27,8 liters, except in the US, where it measures 15.7" x 9.4" x 11.4" = 7.4 gallons.
    A decent size:

    Finally, i improvised a roof from a piece of space blanket, to protect the cardboard from heavy rain:

    The sticker above the entrance has my contact information on it.

    I am not too concerned with bee space, because it is supposed to be only a temporary housing, until the swarm can be moved into its future home.

    A wooden box would probably be better... And where and how should i position the swarmtrap? Please let me know what you think!
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