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    Default Pre-swarms, that go back into hive?

    I've kept bees for years but have been spending more time near my beeyard so may be noticing the obvious. But do bees often swarm into a tree- then within an hour go back to hive??
    Twice this year I've watched a swarm land. And and hour or so later go back and it's gone!
    Is it just a pre-swarm or test swarm, and will officially swarm in the near future? This one today was massive, and I hope to have not lost it to the forest!

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    Default Re: Pre-swarms, that go back into hive?

    Last year I had a swarm that did something similar. It left the hive twice and returned before finally swarming. Luckily, I was able to catch it. What happened was my original queen was superceded but died a few days before the new queens hatched. The first queen that hatched swarmed and the second stayed in the hive killing the others that had not hatched yet. It was a virgin swarm and I think the queen was just not ready to fly. Between the first and second swarming attempt I actually found her crawling on the ground outside the hive. I think the bees left and thought she was with them, then returned when they found out she did not make it to the tree. She did finally make it on the third attempt and was in the swarm when I finally captured it.
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