This year I got my first hive. Took 3 weeks after I placed my order to get it. Took a couple more weeks to get bees. Then I ordered extra hive. I then ordered some 5 frame swarm boxes., but everything has been so slow to get and I know time goes quickly. My question is at this late date should I even try to catch a swarm. I want to add more hives next year and I have the rest of year and spring to get ready for next year. I intend to build most of what I need but when should I place my orders for bees and when should inanticipate for.arrival. is thatcontrolled by the bee company or can I say I want delivery of month/ date.

I note both places I ordered was slow on delivery. Is this typical of service in the bee industry? Or was most of my experience because of the " end of season". Since I lack experience in this areas what are your experiences and what issues can I aviod with your experiences.