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    last june I caught a swarm, so i assume the Queen was at least 2 so will be 3 this yr.... will she swarm again this yr if she gets crowded and do they keep swarming until they are superceded? I don't want to split I want to build up for making a" hole" but if I see Queen cells and signs of swarming can I split at that time or is it to late.... also when a Queen is superceded do they kill the old Queen? and if so do the workers kill her or dose the new Queen ?

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    Often in a supercedure the old queen and new queen will both be present and laying for a while after the new one mates.

    Swarming depends on conditions in the brood nest.
    Keep some empty comb above the brood nest, and they will not think they have finished preparing to swarm, and are not likely to...see Walt Wright wright's articles on checkerboarding for an understanding of the biology of swarming.

    Swarming has more to do with conditions in the hive than age of the queen.


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