I'm definitely new at this, one hive started from a 3lb package in early May. They have drawn 7 combs in the bottom deep (8 frame equipment) and I added a second deep about 3 weeks ago. Did an inspection 2 weeks ago and they had drawn only 1 frame in the upper deep but I found several queen cells on the side of the comb. Another inspection last week and the queen cells were capped and they had drawn another 1 1/2 frames in the upper deep for a total of 2 1/2 frames with a tiny bit of work on another frame. I haven't seen the old queen in the last 3 inspections and she is marked so she has been easy to find. I assumed I must have rolled my queen in an earlier inspection and that they were making a new one.

Today I noticed a lot of bees flying back and forth in a flight path they have never used before. I went out to take a look and there were more bees flying in and out of the entrance than I've ever had. Still they weren't clustering or bearding, just lots of bees flying. There was also a louder buzz coming from the hive than they've ever made. I watched for a while and the activity didn't slow down and the noise didn't decrease. It occurred to me that maybe they were going to swarm. Since this is the first year for this hive and they have lots of room I didn't expect them to swarm this year but I'm new at this so maybe they are?

I don't have any more hive bodies but I have a couple of mediums so I went to the shed and made a bottom board and an outer cover. I put foundation in eight frames and put the frames in the box. I don't have any lemon grass oil but I do have some Honey-B Healthy so I smeared a little dab of that on top of a couple of the frames. I set this hive up about 25 feet from the existing one. Before I even stood up after setting the box down a couple of bees flew around it and then entered it. I stepped away and watched and quite a few bees began flying around the outside of the new box and then entering. I would say probably two or three bees every minute were checking it out.

So my questions-
1- Is it likely that my hive started from a 3 lb. package this year, which has lots of room is going to swarm? They just didn't seem that strong.
2- Are the bees inspecting my "swarm trap" hive likely to be scout bees (even though they haven't swarmed yet) or just curious bees checking out the box?
3- Should I take a drawn frame from my existing hive (not one with brood or eggs of course) and put it in the swarm trap or is foundation enough?