I did a quick check on my "slower/weaker" hive tonight. The second deep is mostly all drawn(10 frames) and mostly filled with what seems to be uncapped sugar syrup, or it could be honey. I am planning on removing the syrup feeder tomorrow during my full inspection. I have kept it on because many in the area said to wait until the second deep was drawn. I will be adding the 1st super as tomorrow as well. A while back I posted a question about bees filling "too much" syrup into the 2nd brood box along with much pollen. Frames 2 and 8 of the 2nd brood box seem to have mostly all cells filled with either syrup or honey. Some have advised to split the hive to avoid swarming, but many others have said not to since it is already mid/late June and that won't be enough time to build up from now until fall. Here are my thoughts of what I could/should do. Please give your opinion.

1. "Let it ride" and just add the super. Hoping that they will "limp" the brood along for the rest of the year in the available cells and begin to fill the super with honey. Will bees "clean out" cells filled with food and then allow eggs to be laid in them eventually yet this year?

2. Swap a frame or 2 of brood from my strong hive and replace those frames with the food stored frames into my strong hive. This would allow the weaker hive to have brood cells. Or this may result in them just eventually filling these frames in with stores as well.

3. Take out a few deep frames and extract whatever is in the cells and then place the frames back into the hive in hopes they would use the cells for laying in.

4. Split the hive and "wing it" in hopes of making it in time for winter. They had already made a few queen cells with larva in them, but I cut them out when I saw good egg laying over a week of time.

5. Other????

Having only 2 hives for my first year reminds me that I would like to have something to show for my 1st year of mine/ and the bees work and hopefully not screw up both of my hives.
Thanks, juzzerbee