The problem with smashing bees is that it releases some chemical, which alarmed others - there is danger here! It switches the whole hive into defensive/aggressive mode. Experienced beekeepers suggested to avoid smashing bees to keep them calm. To me, all bee-operations are difficult because I am very quick and "energetic" by nature. It took to me quite a while to learn how to slow down. Now in the hive I do everything as in artificially slowed movie - 10 times slower than normally I would do. I learned a few tricks:
- it is good idea to have a heavy canvas sheets to cover removed from the hive boxes - bees do not like light and no roof.
- at the bee class, they recommended to put removed boxes vertically on its side (if frames glued by propolis) on the ground.
- all movements needs to be done slow but steady, no stops - bees will immediately fill the gap if stop.
- slide box when it rotated around vertical axis by approximately 45 degree. When in place, rotate box back.