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    Default Some advice please.

    I have split a hive which was a package last spring.Several queen cells were found,some on sides of frame,some on bottom.I assume they were intending to swarm.They did seem somewhat crowded in 2 deeps and medium super which was empty.Found queen,moved her with about 1/2 the brood(all capped,with nurse bees),several frames of pollen/honey to another deep.Added a few frames of empty drawn comb. Here's the issue:no eggs or larva were seen.There was a considerable amount of capped drone which I placed in deep freeze overnight(varroa control). So apparently the queen had stopped laying to slim down for her upcoming flight.What worries me is that the bees will have no eggs to produce a new queen if the current one is laying only drone.This is my only hive so another egg source is not an option. Would it be a good idea to move a queen cell or two the new split and pinch the queen? Maybe make a third split to preserve the queen with the hopes she still has some productivity left?(leaving queen cells in the other two). Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

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    I think your idea of moving some q-cells over is prudent. Someone with more experience will most likely be replying to your question.

    I would either wait it out and see if the queen starts laying, or provide some "insurance" q-cells.
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    I am not too sure about moving a cell in with your queen. If she was laying good enough to get the hive built up enough to swarm she should be fine. Raising drones during swarm season is normal. You made the split to prevent swarming. I think you did the right thing by spliting. I would leave them alone. Just keep an eye on them you can buy a queen later if you need one. I bet you don't end up needing one.


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