Dubois, PA 15801. Got a call this afternoon that a swarm had landed on the side of a porch and was I interested? Sure! The guy said it was around the size of a gallon milk jug. Got there to find a very large swarm on the corner of a porch along the roof (of the first story porch) and by the floor of the second story porch. Used a bucket to scoop them into a hive, and it took two swipes of the bucket to get most of the swarm.
Interesting enough, there was a hole in the brick right where the porch was attached to the brick house. The guy said he noticed bees around there yesterday, and more today right before the whole swarm arrived. I'm not sure how big of area that hole led to, but have to wonder if bees were there yesterday, were they scouts? And if so, did the swarm choose to go there only to discover it was too small - so they just stayed clustered there?
At any rate, they are on my property now. I added a drawn out frame with capped brood to keep them here, and added a 2nd hive since the swarm is so big. It was a hot and humid day.