It' my first attempt at beekeeping and was given some less than stellar advice from a "mentor".

I have an overwintered hive that's 2 deeps on the bottom, that is the brood area with a virgin/possibly mated queen. On 6/14 inspection I found an open supercedure cell and the queen. There were no eggs or brood of any kind. There was a previous virgin queen from supercedure that evidently didn't return from her mating flight. Both deeps have a good supply of pollen and nectar and open cells for the queen to lay in when she's ready. On top of that is a deep thats nearly full of honey, some is capped and some isn't yet capped. On top of that is a medium that's mostly capped honey. On top of that is a medium that's mostly full frames of uncaped honey. On top of that is a medium thats undrawn frames with a fair amount of traffic.

I also have a hive from a cutout that has a queen that's in a deep that's nearly full of eggs,brood, pollen, nectar and some capped honeywith an undrawn deep above.

At some point I'd like to transition to a deep for brood with a medium below for pollen and a couple of mediums above for nectar which is my understanding of Walt's pollen/brood/nectar sandwich.

What are my best options for going from point A, the present situation, to point B desired configuration?

thanks guy for any help,