Thinking on the issue of the bees not being able to patrol the back side of a follower board, and SHB being able to hang out in the back of the hive waiting for an assault, has anyone ever tried drilling a hole in the follower board that would let the bees get to the other side? I currently have the follower boards in only to make the hive feel secure since I just split them into queenless nucs. I don't want them to feel they can't defend the hive and swarm. But if I just drilled something like a 1/2-3/4" hole in the follower board, it would allow a few bees to get to the other side and patrol/explore as they wished. But I don't think the hole would be big enough to make them feel like they couldn't defend the hive, not like pulling the board entirely.

Am I chasing something that doesn't matter, or does anyone else think or know that this would be a good idea?