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    Default SHB Control in TBH

    What do you do for SHB control in a TBH? So far I have not done anything, but I've seen the beetles in the hive. They really like hanging out around the follower board since the bees can't get through it to fight them away. I was looking at beetle barns, but for those you are supposed to use Checkmite+ or some kind of poison so when the bees chase the mites in, then the mites eat the poison. But after reading the description of checkmite, I don't believe it would be considered organic, considered some states require a pest control license to even buy it. I've also considered sliding a pan with oil into the rails I have built for my bottom board. Is the oil really an effective solution? Then there are the beetle traps made to stand up in the bottom of a Lang frame. I suppose I could fix this to the bottom of the hive, or the leader board, or even build a custom Lang/TB that I could mount one in. Those are said to be half filled with apple cider vinegar or mineral oil. Does that actually bait the beetles in, or does it just kill them when the bees chase them in?

    So far I have done nothing about the SHB, but after speaking to a much more experience beekeeper, I'm getting nervous that a catastrophe is building. The best place to start would be to remove any hiding places for them, like the follower board. Unfortunately, I just made some splits, and I'm afraid if I pull the follower board the bees my vacate the box in favor of a more comfortable nest.

    Any tips or advice would be great!
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    Default Re: SHB Control in TBH

    You should be able to set one of these on the bottom of your TBH. Haven't seen any problem with small hive beetle yet where I am in Maryland. People a county away do though.

    Matt M.

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    Very nice. I was looking at buying these same idea of trap, but designed for a Lang. I think this will be just as effective, and certainly save me $30. Indeed, 4 traps at $4, fair enough. But then $14 shipping! That's crazy. I'll just go buy a few cheap tuperware containers and drill the holes. What size hole is needed? I guess anything less than a 1/4" should keep the bees out. Probably will make it 1/8". I'm trying to recall how big the little boogers are.
    After 20 months I'm over a 20 hives and growing. See my videos!


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